The investment industry is changing fast and we want to be on the right side of history.

In the past, anyone looking to grow their savings had to rely on one firm for all services: developing investment ideas; executing buy & sell orders; converting funds from one currency to another and keeping your money safe. That model creates two problems: savers can't select the best service for each activity and instead are forced to compromise on the quality or price of some services; and the overall fees are high because you're often paying for services you don't need.

In the modern, digital world those constraints no longer apply. New technologies are empowering specialist firms that excel in a narrow range of products. It's the financial equivalent of a specialist baker or butcher opening up nearby vs. only having access to a supermarket.

We've built Cogent Investing for this modern world.

We focus our attention on developing the best investment ideas and sharing them with our premium subscribers for a fixed annual fee. We don't offer in-person advice because we've found that most of our clients are savvy enough to make their own decisions about their own financial situations once we've shared our insights about what's happening in the financial markets.

There's more information in this video.


Warwick Sarah terrace - v02

Warwick grew up in New Zealand and left those beautiful shores after university to work for Bain & Company in Sydney. Warwick moved to London with Bain, which sponsored him through his MBA at INSEAD in France and Singapore.

Warwick left Bain to join London-based hedge fund Pendragon Capital to start investing professionally. Despite a successful run at Pendragon, Warwick was forced to explore other opportunities after the firm closed following the financial crisis.

In 2010, Warwick moved to Hong Kong and joined GaveKal Research, before moving to Goldman Sachs' GS SUSTAIN research team to identify the best long-term investments globally. Warwick rose to lead the Asian team before leaving in late 2016.

Warwick lives in Hong Kong with his wife Sarah Heller, their young family and their dog Kevin (introduced here).


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Unfortunately, we cannot allow you to subscribe to Cogent Alpha.

We publish the Cogent Alpha investment newsletter in accordance with the terms outlined by the Securities & Exchange Commission here.

The law in Hong Kong does not clearly allow investment newsletters such as ours, however, and because some members of the Cogent Alpha team live in Hong Kong we need to ensure we comply with a narrow interpretation of the law in the region. Therefore, unfortunately, we cannot allow Hong Kong residents to subscribe to this service.